Welcome To A Better Way Enterprises, LLC

A Better Way Enterprises, LLC. is a company committed to helping you get the vehicle you deserve at the price you want. Whether you want to rent, buy or sell your vehicle we make it easy. You have found the best place on the internet to go for your vehicle needs. We will show you A Better Way to Rent, Buy or Sell a car.

Lowest Priced Rental Vehicles

We offer the lowest price rentals with the option to rent to own where your credit doesn't matter. We offer daily, weekly and monthly rentals starting from $19.95 per day rentals and Rent To Own a vehicle from $9.95 per day. For more details on how to get a great deal on a rental click here.

Rent To Own Regardless Of Credit Program

We offer leasing services to all people regardless of credit or financial situation. Don't worry about your job or your credit. We have a solution for most everyone. For details on how to get a car regardless of credit click here.

Financing For All Credit Situation

We work with Awesome Auto which offers financing for all credit situations. No need to wait to save more money or settle for a car you really don't want or need because you are a little short on cash. Simply contact us and discuss your financial situation and we can help.
Don't worry about your credit at all. No matter what your profile is, we can help. We work with people who have good, fair, bad, or no previous repayment history, as well as with people who have low down payments. We can help with really bad situations such as multiple bankruptcies, multiple repossessions outside of bankruptcy at different times, currently delinquent on all existing obligations, repossessions less than one year old, or history of writing bad checks over a long period of time. If you need financing click here.
Get An Affordable Vehicle That is Reliable

Don't buy a car from someone on the street only to find out that you got a lemon and you are stuck with no car and no money. With our strategic relationship with Awesome Auto Sales, we can get you great prices on vehicles and save $1,000's while enjoying more time freedom because you will have us doing all the leg work for you.  For more details on how to save time and get a great deal on a car click here.

Get A Vehicle That Will Last Another 5 Years
You want an affordable vehicle that will be reliable. You don't want to buy a vehicle then turn around and have to put a transmission or an engine in your car a few weeks or months later.
The vehicles you get through our program will qualify for a 3 Year and up to 50,000 Additional Mile Warranty Coverage for your vehicle. This way you can relax knowing that you have an affordable vehicle that will last you.

What if you could get such a great deal that you could drive your vehicle Free for up to 1 Year?  Discover about how you can get your next vehicle at a member only discount and how you can drive A Vehicle FREE!. Click here for details

Sell Your Car

Are you trying to sell you car? Why go through the hassle of advertising, people calling your phone and coming to your house, dealers trying to rip you off and negotiating with tire kicking buyers?
We would love to offer you a great deal on your car plus give a $500 Credit towards your next vehicle you obtain through us no matter when you are ready to buy. We make it easy, and hassle free to sell your car to us. If you would like to sell your car to us click here.